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Are You Planning To Adopt A Family Member?

Kinship adoptions are becoming more common across Florida as grandparents step in to raise grandchildren or other relatives fill in when parents cannot due to addiction issues or incarceration. Oftentimes, a child’s needs are better met by a close family member than the foster care system.

If you are a stepparent, aunt, uncle or grandparent planning to adopt a child, speak with an attorney first. At the Diaz Family Law Firm, we have helped with many relative adoptions in the Orlando area. This legal process can lead to permanence and reduce the chance of future conflict.

What You Need To Know About The Process

When a child’s parents suddenly pass away or there is evidence to suggest neglect and abuse, the first option is to place the child with family. In situations such as these, a sense of permanency is crucial to the child’s health and development. For this reason, kinship adoptions are often easier than any other types of adoption. But this does not imply that the process itself is a breeze.

Relatives who plan on adopting will have to:

  • Endure a home study just as if they were foster parents
  • Get background checks and have their fingerprints taken
  • Commit to and complete a series of training classes
  • Prove they have the financial ability to provide for the child
  • Show they can give the child a permanent and loving home

Regardless of the reason for the removal of the child or children from their home, it is never easy. But placement with a family member may reduce any undue stress.

Let Our Attorney Help

The circumstances surrounding a relative adoption can be complex and is best handled with the guidance of a lawyer. Rather than attempting to navigate the paperwork and hearings on your own, you could work with a firm dedicated to your success. Don’t let your niece, nephew, grandchild or even a stepchild get separated from their family, protect them with our help today.

Reach out to us today for assistance addressing adoption issues and other family law challenges. We offer a free initial consultation and affordable payment plans to ensure that families like yours can have access to our services. Call our Mount Dora office today at 352-400-4820 to learn more.