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Talk to your kids about different ways to cope with divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Custody And Visitation

It is often recommended that those going through divorce seek counseling or confide in a friend during the process. It’s definitely not an easy process so it makes sense that seeking help for the emotional aspects of divorce can be extremely helpful. The same goes for children. Some parents may think that a child can easily cope with a divorce because of their resilient nature, but every child is different.

When discussing divorce with your kids, here are some tips you can pass along that might be helpful:

1. You’re a kid. Through this divorce, continue to enjoy your childhood and continue to stick to your daily routine. Do not feel as though you need to take on any special roles such as mediator, protector or homemaker.

2. This divorce is not your fault. It was a decision that your parents made due to certain circumstances beyond your control. Do not feel like you have to try to keep us together or take sides.

3. Enjoy time with both of us. Never feel guilty for spending time with either of us. Try to feel comfortable with discussing your feelings with us and if you need to talk to someone else, let us know.

4. Have empathy for yourself and give yourself time to grieve. There will be ups and downs but everything will eventually be okay.

Divorce may not be easy for children but with these tips in mind and the support of their parents, it can be manageable.