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Even without fault, a divorce may still be contested

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2017 | Divorce

When Florida residents decide that they must end their marriages they will begin the legal process of divorce. Divorce cuts the legal ties that bind two people together in a marital union and divides their shared property and interests so that they may continue their lives independent of each other. Even if one party to divorce believes that the other is to blame for the breakdown of their relationship in Florida individuals pursue no fault divorces.

This means that rather than claiming that one spouse to a marriage abandoned or cheated on the other the filing spouse must only claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken. There are residency requirements that individuals must meet before they may avail themselves to Florida’s divorce laws and those who plan to begin the divorce process are strongly encouraged to discuss their legal rights and options with family law attorneys in the state.

However, pursuing a no fault divorce does not mean that one’s divorce process will be easy. In fact, many no fault divorces are contested on one or more areas of divorce-related negotiations. For example, the partners to a couple may agree that they should divorce but they may hold very different opinions on how custody of their shared children should be arranged or how their marital property should be divided.

“No fault” does not necessarily mean that there will be no problems in a divorce. Each marital dissolution faces its own unique complications and challenges that must be worked out between the parties to the legal process and their attorneys. Because every divorce will proceed on its own facts and merits readers of this Mount Dora legal blog are asked not to rely on its contents as legal advice. Consultation with legal professionals is often a necessary step in making good decisions about one’s family law rights and responsibilities.