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On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Child Support

Getting to the end of a contentious divorce can be a relief to a Mount Dora resident. After months of negotiations, hearings, reviews of evidence and other necessary legal steps a person may feel as though a huge burden has been lifted off of their shoulders once their divorce is finalized. For some, the legal end of a marriage may mean the end of dealing with a former partner. For others, negotiations about lingering martial issues may require divorced parties to work together again.

One issue that can bring previously married people back to court is the modification of a child support order. There are many reasons that a child support order may need to be changed. A child may require more support due to a change in their health or other needs. A parent may lose a job or be forced to take a pay cut which could directly impact their ability to pay the full amount of their order. Whatever the reason, when a child’s best interests may be threatened by a child support order that does not meet their needs it can be imperative for parents to rework the order’s terms to provide their child with the best possible support.

The attorneys of Allen, Miller & Diaz are committed to serving their clients’ divorce needs during and after the process is finalized. They understand that the end of a marriage does not necessarily mean the end of a person’s family law challenges and through their dedicated representation they advocate for their clients during support order modifications and other post-divorce legal matters.

Child support is not the only area of family law where a post-divorce party may run into legal troubles. The need to address changes to custody and visitation orders, spousal support agreements, and other matters can all be discussed with the attorneys of Allen, Miller & Diaz at their Mount Dora offices.