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Orlando VA suspends doctor accused of DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Drunk driving arrests sometimes lead to other kinds of punishment, especially for people who work in closely regulated professions such as law and medicine. The recent arrest of a physician employed by the Orlando Veteran Affairs Medical Center has resulted in his suspension by the hospital until police complete their investigation of the doctor’s alleged DUI/DWI violation.

The physician is alleged to have crashed his car into the rear of another vehicle on Dec. 26. The other driver told police that he had two children in his car at the time of the collision. Police at the scene spoke to the doctor and administered various field sobriety tests, including walk-and-turn and one-legged stand. According to police, the doctor performed poorly on both tests and appeared to be lethargic and dazed. Officers then arrested the man.

The suspect later provided a sample of his urine. According to the arrest report, chemical analysis of the urine showed that the doctor was under the influence of several prescription drugs, including a painkiller and central nervous system depressant. CNS depressants, also known as sedatives, are often used to treat anxiety or sleep disorders.

The Orlando VA Medical Center said that it was investigating the matter to determine if it was a “medical, alcohol, or substance abuse issue.” Pending the outcome of the investigation, the hospital is considering a number of options, including possible termination. This case demonstrates how a DUI/DWI arrest can quickly snowball into other complications. Anyone who is facing similar charges and similar complications may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the facts and the potential impact of the arrest on the suspect’s life.

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