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UCF student accused of selling LSD from dorm room

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Criminal Defense

The sale of drugs on college campuses is neither a new nor unusual phenomenon. However, when a drug sale requires hospitalization of a buyer, the police usually take notice. This sequence of events resulted in the arrest of a student at the University of Central Florida on suspicion of having committed several drug crimes.

The sale took place on November 28, when two students allegedly purchased LSD from the suspect. One of the buyers required hospitalization for his reaction to the drug. Police were alerted by hospital staff, and they interviewed the two buyers. Based on these interviews, police hired an informant who allegedly was able to buy 5 LSD tablets for $40 and some marijuana for $20.

Police used the informant’s statement to obtain a search warrant for the student’s dormitory room. They allegedly recovered 457 grams of marijuana, 4.97 grams of LSD, .28 grams of cocaine and 25 alprazolam pills. Police also allegedly recovered $1,272 in cash and approximately 20 grams of a substance described as “THC wax.” Police interviewed the suspect’s roommate, who allegedly told police that he knew his roommate was selling drugs due to the number of people that would visit the room. The suspect has been charged with trafficking and possession of cocaine, alprazolam, THC, MDMA, and cannabis.

Orlando police believe that the suspect was buying and selling drugs in conjunction with a recently-arrested 20-year-old who police describe as the “biggest drug dealer at UCF.” Both men are facing very serious charges. If convicted, they may face lengthy prison terms and sizable fines. Both may benefit from consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney for advice on the law and facts that govern the case and on the chances of obtaining an acquittal or favorable plea agreement.

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