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Defending your interests against cyber crime charges

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

Florida readers know that facing any type of criminal charge is a serious situation. Convictions of both misdemeanors and felony offenses can result in time behind bars, expensive fines and implications that will affect a defendant’s personal life as well. Regardless of the type of criminal charge, there is a lot at stake.

One of the fastest growing types of crime is computer crimes. Federal and state authorities work diligently to investigate and prosecute these types of crimes, and the consequences for a conviction are steep. If you face charges involving criminal activity on the computer or internet crimes, you would likely benefit from the services of a defense attorney experienced in this particular type of case.

Understanding this type of crime

Various types of criminal activity could qualify as a computer crime, and they include doing any of the following without the appropriate authorization, such as:

  • Damaging, copying or taking computer programs
  • Modifying or taking data without permission
  • Intentionally introducing a computer virus or intentionally introducing a damaging program into a computer system
  • Using encryption in order to commit a crime
  • Interfering with someone else’s rightful access to a computer
  • Using a computer in order to commit fraud
  • Falsifying information to keep email source information secret
  • Stealing information or service through a computer

There are also serious repercussions involved when using a computer to commit a crime. From hacking computers to steal private information to cyberbullying, these types of crimes can lead to grave consequences.

Despite the lack of a violent element in computer-related crimes, the consequences of a conviction on cyber crime charges are significant. You would be wise to take your situation seriously and take quick action to protect your future interests. While you are facing a difficult situation, you may have a range of defense options. You have the right to defend yourself against these charges and work to mitigate the consequences you are facing.

You do not have to fight alone

Criminal charges can alter the course of your life and affect your loved ones. Having an experienced legal ally by your side can make a big difference. You can start building your defense as soon as possible, even if your case is still in the investigative stages.

If you are facing criminal charges for computer crimes, you may benefit from learning more about your defense options with a complete evaluation of your case.