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Florida couple charged with selling drugs from mobile home

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Drug dealers, like many businesses, are often trying to improve their methods of soliciting drug deals and delivering drugs to their customers. A couple living in Ocala, FL were recently arrested for selling drugs from a window in their mobile home – much like a fast food drive-thru.

Police were first alerted to the possible drug crimes by an increase in overdose incidents in the Ocala area. Investigators determined that the product behind the overdoses was heroin laced with fentanyl. Police next learned that the suspects in the sales had allegedly modified a window on their mobile home to serve as a method of speedily delivering drugs without allowing the buyers into their home. According to police, the couple even used an “open/closed” sign to tell customers when they were available. Police allege that they confiscated a digital scale, plastic baggies, 3.5 grams of fentanyl and $5,064 in cash.

The couple was arrested on Aug. 23 and charged with drug possession, selling drugs and keeping or maintaining a dwelling used to sell drugs. The male was also charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Police claimed that they were forced to wrestle the man to the ground when they arrested him. Two young children were found in their home, but their relations to defendants are unclear.

The defendants in this case are facing potentially serious criminal charges. If convicted, they could each face significant jail time and a sizeable fine. Anyone facing similar charges may benefit from consulting an experienced criminal attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide an evaluation of the evidence and the strength of the prosecutor’s evidence. If circumstances warrant, a defense attorney can also assist in negotiating a favorable plea agreement.