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Alleged intoxication of wrong-way driver causes fatal collision

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Most modern highways are designed to make entering or leaving traffic lanes easy and safe, but drivers can become confused about which lane they are using or how to enter that lane. Such confusion can lead to fatal consequences, as proved by a recent head-on collision between an apparent wrong-way driver and another vehicle.

According to state troopers, the accident occurred on State Highway 528 when a driver heading west in the eastbound lane collided head-on with a Chevrolet van heading in the opposite direction. The driver of the van was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver who was allegedly headed the wrong way was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. Florida Highway Patrol troopers say they took a blood sample from the wrong-way driver to measure his blood alcohol level. No toxicology reports from the accident have been released, and officers have said that no charges will be filed until the toxicology test results are known.

No explanation for the crash has been announced by the Florida Highway Patrol, and the accident is now the subject of an active accident investigation. The driver who was allegedly driving the wrong way may be subject to a charge of vehicular homicide. Florida statutes define “vehicular homicide” as the “killing of a human being . . . by the operation of a motor vehicle in a reckless manner. . . .” If the toxicology tests show that the blood alcohol content of the allegedly wrong-way driver exceeded the state limit of 0.08 percent, the charge could be raised to aggravated vehicular homicide.

The defendant in this case is facing serious criminal charges, and if he were to be convicted he could face a lengthy period of imprisonment. Anyone facing similar charges might want to get more information about criminal defense options.