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Alleged DUI suspect worsens situation by making racist threats

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Florida residents who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs often make their situations worse by insulting or threatening police officers after they have been arrested. A woman from Volusia County recently had this experience while she was being investigated on DUI charges.

The suspect was stopped by Volusia County sheriff’s deputies on suspicion of DUI. While the arresting officer was completing paperwork, his body camera was running and recording the suspect’s comments. According to police, the suspect allegedly told the officer, who is black, that he would receive “a visit from the KKK, a cross burning in his yard and harm to him and his family.” Police said that the woman’s image was not captured by the body cam, but her voice can be easily heard.

As the tape proceeded, the woman allegedly said that she hoped to find the deputy in a corner alone. She kept talking, saying “Keep it up, boy. I will find you one day in a corner.” When the deputy asked her whether she was threatening a law enforcement officer, the woman replied, “I won’t find you. My KKK people will.” She continued making racist remarks to the officer. She allegedly said that the KKK would be burning crosses on his property and that black people should never have been let out of slavery. The arrest affidavit states that, after allegedly making additional racist comments, the woman was charged with DUI, prior refusal to submit to a sobriety test, non-violent resistance to an officer and making threats against a law enforcement officer.

The suspect likely would have been better off to have remained silent. Anyone in a similar situation only risks making the situation much worse by giving in to such impulses.