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Don’t forget life insurance in a divorce agreement

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law

In a divorce, many people are under the impression that once the major issues of property division and child custody are settled, the entire divorce is done. However, there are other details that seem small but can be difficult to work out, such as life insurance.

When one spouse is obligated to make payments such as child support and alimony, they need to make arrangements to replace that money in case something happens to them. However, the exact amount of coverage may be difficult to estimate at the time of the divorce. Certainly, the other spouse has an incentive to seek a large policy, but these can get expensive. Nonetheless, the parties must be able to estimate and predict years into the future what the possible costs of support and child rearing are.

There is also the issue of what the policy may cost in the future. A policy gets more expensive as the insured gets older and their health situation changes. They may not be able to get coverage at all if they develop a health condition. Thus, a requirement to maintain a certain amount of life insurance can cost much more in the future and impose an economic burden on the person who needs to pay for the insurance.

These are the types of issues that a family law attorney may anticipate and help their client address in a divorce agreement. Those who are going through a divorce may not have the foresight to think of issues such as insurance because they are focused on the big picture issues. An attorney may not only act as an advocate but also as an advisor to help their client deal with some of the details that could cause problems later.