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Consider alternative ways of 50-50 parenting time

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Custody And Visitation

If you are like many co-parents in Florida, you divide custody time based on the traditional arrangement where the children spend one week in one parent’s home followed by the next week in the other parent’s home. Experts are now advising that this may not be the best arrangement as far as the children are concerned and are advocating that parents consider other options.

The effects on the children

When the children are forced to leave one parent’s home for an entire week, it can have psychological effects on them. The continuous cycle of long goodbyes can cause separation anxiety for the children. On the other end of the spectrum, it can cause them to grow more distant from one or both parents. A week is a long time to be separated from a parent, especially when the relationship is close.

Other logistical challenges

When you have your children, you may need to arrive at work late or leave early to take the children places. This may be difficult to arrange with your employer for a week straight. In addition, the children will need to have frequent contact with the other parent when they are absent for a week. This can be challenging if you and the other parent do not get along well. As a result, experts are encouraging schedules that allow the children to rotate more frequently between the homes while still maintaining the even split of custodial time.

In order to agree upon a schedule like this, it might take some negotiation with the other parent since they are likely not accustomed to thinking in these terms when it comes to child custody. A family law attorney may help you arrive at an agreement like this by making suggestions and drafting language that can form the basis for a custody agreement. If the matter needs to go to court, a child custody attorney can represent you.