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What are signs you should prepare for divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Divorce

A divorce has the potential to upset the way you and your family live drastically. You may think that a divorce will never happen to you, but when hundreds of thousands of people get divorced every year, it pays to know the sign of a coming divorce.

Being able to spot the signs of a coming divorce allows you to better prepare for one. Here are three common signs of divorce to help you keep a lookout in your own marriage:

Frequent fighting

Suppose you find you and your spouse fighting over the smallest matters or getting into significant arguments that can last days at a time. In that case, it can indicate resentment or dissatisfaction in a marriage. While you and your spouse may be arguing all the time, they may be preparing to start the divorce process.

Spousal avoidance

If you notice that your spouse spends a lot of their time away from you, it could indicate that they are purposefully avoiding you. Methods of avoidance can include taking extra hours at work, running extra errands instead of being at home with you, or isolating themselves in different areas of the house.

Changes in intimacy

Most spouses can recognize that a sudden decline in the frequency in a marriage can be a sign of a coming separation, but the opposite can be just as true. If a spouse is suddenly increasing the rate of intimate encounters, it may be because of guilt from an affair.

Independent major decisions

Suppose your spouse begins making major decisions on their own, such as taking a new job or opening separate banking accounts. In that case, they may already be preparing for the divorce they plan on initiating. Even buying a new car can be a method of building independence.

What can you do?

If you spot these signs or others that may cause you to suspect a potential divorce in your future, consult with an experienced family law attorney right away. Their guidance can help you prepare yourself for a divorce.