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What are the four types of adoption?

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Family Law

Adoption is a beautiful process in which a child becomes part of a family that is not their biological one. Sometimes, single or married parents find a child in foster care and offer them their support and guidance. However, adoption is not limited to that situation. The state of Florida recognizes four different types of adoption:

  1. Entity adoption (with an agency or an intermediary)
  2. Stepparent adoption
  3. Close relative adoption
  4. Adult adoption

Their similarities

All of them require proof that the biological parents no longer have a relationship with the child. The birth parents must consent to the adoption and surrender the rights to the child, except when they abused them. For adult adoption, this proof is not a necessity. Still, the court does require that the adult lets their biological parents know about their adoption.

If the child is older than 12, then their consent is necessary for every adoption process. Before the child approves the adoption, the court will interview them. The court can skip the interview if they believe that the child’s adoption would be in their best interest.

Their differences

Entity adoptions have the most complicated processes. After the court issues a judgment terminating the relationship between the biological parents and the child, the time for completing the adoption varies. Parents will have to wait either 30 days after the judgment or 90 days after the child’s placement in their home to finalize the adoption. On the other hand, the court can complete the stepparent, close relative and adult adoption when they terminate the relationship with the birth parents.

Also, stepparent, adult and close relative adoption lack the costs and processes that the court asks for in entity adoptions. The agency or intermediary that helps with the entity adoption will perform a home study of the prospective adoptive parents to ensure that the kid will have a good quality of life. Besides the home study, adoptive parents will need to take specific courses and counseling to prepare for the child’s arrival.

In every case, adoption must be a well-made decision. Adopting a child can change their life for the better, but you need to be sure that you can always support, love, and be responsible for them.