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How to put a stop to your abusive spouse

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Family Law

You are worthy of respect, and your spouse does not have the right to mistreat you. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can put a stop to your spouse’s aggressiveness by asking the court for an injunction. An injunction can protect you from further harm, as it will force your spouse to stay away from you for some time. It may be scary to think about it. Still, you won’t suffer any negative consequences if you decide to get legal protection.

Ending violence and threats

In Florida, you can ask the court for a domestic violence injunction if your spouse has, or threatened to, hurt you. The purpose of these orders is to force an abuser to stay away from the victim for a specific time. If you decide to file the petition and the court grants it, your spouse won’t be able to harm you or your child anymore. Your spouse would commit a misdemeanor of the first degree if they violated the order, which means that they could spend up to one year in jail.

Benefits of an injunction order

You may be unsure about filing, as it would be normal for you to think that getting an injunction might make everything worse. However, the law in Florida considers this scenario. As a result, the law outlines some reliefs that you can ask for additional protection. Apart from ordering your spouse to keep at a distance, the order can also:

  • Grant you temporary and exclusive use of your home
  • Grant you a temporary parenting plan, which can prohibit or limit the time your spouse can spend with your child
  • Grant you temporary child support from your spouse
  • Force your spouse to attend a batterer’s intervention program
  • Force your spouse to surrender guns and ammunition

You can ask for all of these reliefs when you file the petition with the circuit court. The court will set a hearing as soon as possible after they review your petition. You may think that in the meantime your spouse can harm you in revenge. However, to prevent this, you can ask the court for an emergency injunction order, which would protect you until the final hearing is held.

The protection you need

The length of an injunction varies from case to case, but you could get protection for years if the court thinks it is necessary. You should not tolerate your spouse’s aggressive behavior, and you can fight back by getting an injunction order. That way, you can ensure no more harm comes to you or your child.