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How Child Support Impacts You And Your Child

When it comes to child support, both parents are responsible for providing for their children. But in these tough economic times, it can be extremely difficult to financially support your child’s most basic needs.

At the Diaz Family Law Firm, we have witnessed firsthand the financial impact of divorce on both parents and how it can lower quality of life. If you have fallen behind on your child support obligations or you are not currently receiving court-ordered payments, we can help.

What Your Child Receives Depends On Your Own Situation

From private school tuition and transportation costs, to medications and accommodations for kids with special needs, raising a child can be expensive. The necessity for both mom and dad to contribute is crucial to a child’s upbringing. How much is dependent on your situation.

In Florida, the formula that governs child support guidelines account for several factors, including:

  • Number of children
  • Net income of both parties
  • Health care costs for minor children
  • Expected day care costs
  • Past-due child support

Our firm has successfully handled a wide variety of child support-related issues. We have the experience and resources to represent you with skill and efficiency. As your legal representation, we will work with you one-on-one to ensure you understand Florida’s child support laws and how they may apply to you.

When Circumstances Change

Child support modifications are sometimes necessary. This can occur when one or both parties experiences a substantial change in circumstances. Examples include a job loss, promotion or an unexpected health emergency. If you believe that your current child support agreement needs to be modified, we will help you.

Not Paying Support Could Cost You More Than Money

For parents who fail to meet their child support obligations, enforcement tools can be severe. To prevent wage garnishments or the suspension of your driver’s license, seek immediate counsel. Nonpayment can also result in jail time and heavy fines, or the seizure of your bank accounts.

Our attorney recognizes that those who need our help the most often do not come to us for assistance because of their financial circumstances. For this reason, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case, as well as affordable payment plans to allow you access to our services. Call us at 352-729-3267 or send us an email to schedule your appointment today with an experienced Orlando-area lawyer.