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Getting Out Of An Abusive Marriage

Ending a marriage is tough, but sometimes necessary for your safety and the safety of your children. Too often, men and women remain in abusive relationships hoping that things will change. Others may cope with spousal abuse because they believe they are doing what is best for their children. And still, others are just too afraid to leave.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, either physical or mental, talk to an attorney at once. Let us help you or your loved one obtain a protective/restraining order and file for a divorce without delay.

At the Diaz Family Law Firm, we help victims of family violence across Central Florida get the legal assistance they need to find a path forward.

Don’t Suffer The Cost Of Unfounded Accusations

In emotionally charged breakups, a spouse or significant other might leverage allegations of abuse to retain custody or prevent you from visiting your children. Using the accusations as a sword is never acceptable, but it can be tough to defend against these claims. It is crucial to get a strategy in place to shield your relationship with a child or children and maintain contact.

Do not live in constant fear of retaliation. At a certain point communication can reach the point where anything you say viewed with suspicion and negative intent. An experienced attorney can help arrange for visitation and a workable plan moving forward.

Let Us Protect You, Your Children And Your Rights

But whether you are facing violence in the home or a spouse has made a claim against you, we can help. Your child custody and visitation rights are important to us, and our Orlando family law attorney will do everything possible to find a positive solution.

For a free initial consultation at our Mount Dora office, call 352-729-3267. You can also reach out to us via email to schedule your appointment with our lawyer.