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Helping You Navigate Paternity Issues And Nontraditional Family Dynamics

When two people have a child together but are not married (unwed parents), several types of legal problems can emerge should they separate. Of those problems, the most common ones tend to involve paternity actions, child support, or custody and visitation arrangements. But regardless of whether you are the mother or the father in these situations, you need an experienced lawyer. Work with our attorney to protect your rights and the best interests of your children today.

At the Diaz Family Law Firm, we have represented clients across the Orlando area and throughout Central Florida for many years. Our experienced attorney has helped many parents obtain favorable outcomes with their paternity, custody or support disputes. Let us help you with yours.

A Paternity Test Is As Important For You As It Is For The Child

Here at our firm, we represent mothers and fathers on both sides of paternity actions. When the identity of a child’s father is unknown or uncertain, the paternity of the child is in question. In these instances, a mother can bring a paternity action, or a father may need to defend one.

Establishing a child’s paternity is usually done through a DNA test — often a cheek swab. Once paternity is determined, the father can then decide whether to obtain parental rights such as custody of his child or visitation. Additionally, the father may become responsible for financially supporting the child.

Your Child’s Future Comes Before Your Relationship Status

Our attorney also helps mothers and fathers in situations where paternity is known but the parents are not married. Various scenarios can exist. For example, an unmarried couple may share a child and live together for many years, only to have the relationship end. Or, the couple may never live together but be in a relationship that also ended.

In either of these cases, the parents will still need to reach a legal agreement on child support, custody and visitation arrangements. Regardless of your marital status, you and your ex-partner still have a responsibility to secure the future of your child or children.

Upholding Your Rights And Treating Your Case With Respect

Going through a paternity action or figuring out what is best for a child you share with an ex-partner can be stressful, but you have us. No matter the circumstances, we will uphold your parental rights and do what is best for any children involved. We understand that the issues at hand are sensitive and will handle your case with the utmost respect.

Visit our Mount Dora office to confidentially discuss your concerns and what our services can do for you. Call 352-729-3267 or schedule a free initial consultation using our contact form today.