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Do You Know Your Rights As A Father?

Over the years, the idea of what constitutes a family has grown to reflect the changing times. While traditional family structures still exist, the familial environment is as diverse as ever. Children do not always grow up with a mom and a dad; sometimes it is just mom or just dad who is the primary caretaker. Other times, mom and dad are not married.

Regardless of the circumstances, research shows that children benefit from having both parents in their lives whenever possible.

At the Diaz Family Law Firm, our attorney understands the importance of a father’s role in his children’s upbringing. We have seen the ever-increasing push to recognize a father’s rights in the child-rearing space, and we want to help. Together we can fight for your right to have a relationship with your child today.

What You Give Up If You Do Not Establish Paternity

You may suspect, or you may be confident, that a child is yours. If your hunch is true, then you have a right to participate in certain decisions that affect them. But before you can assert your parental rights, you must first prove that you are the child’s biological parent. This could mean signing a legal document with your ex-partner acknowledging you as the father or through the use of a DNA test.

In Florida, without first establishing paternity, you will not have the right to:

  • Visitation or shared custody of your child
  • Dispute or prevent your child from being adopted
  • Make medical decisions for your child
  • Decide where your child lives or goes to school
  • Enter into any contract on behalf of your child
  • Pass on property, assets or money to your child

Being a part of your child’s future or helping to shape the outcome of it is important. Just because you and the child’s mother were never married or your relationship ended in divorce does not change this fact. And child support is not the only consideration.

Helping You Show The Court That Your Child Needs You

Petitioning for your rights as the father of a child can be intimidating, but that should not dissuade you. With the guidance of a skilled lawyer, you can contribute to your child’s life.

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